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Have I Got Brews For You #1

Welcome to a new series on my blog, in which I’ll be reviewing the best (and occasionally the not-so-good) beers I’ve tasted lately. As someone so passionate about beer, I felt this was a missing series from my blog and I’m looking forward to trying and documenting new beers to ensure I won’t forget my favourites and to hopefully inspire other beer drinkers.

Gandolf IPA by Hofbräu (7.9%)
IPA from Salzburg, Austria

Description: IPA with luminous orange reflections and an exotic aroma due to dry hopping with “Citra” hops, brewed in the oldest brewery in Salzburg.

Verdict: If only this beer was called Gandalf instead of Gandolf! I’ve tried other great Hofbräu beers so was really intrigued to try their take on IPA so I ordered a keg from Beerwulf. It’s a rather strong and dry IPA with a peculiar fruity kick which was a perfect pour from my SUB beer tap after a long day. I would definitely buy this again!

Rating: ★★★★✰

Pango by Tiny Rebel (5%)
Peach & Mango IPA from Newport, Wales

Description: This is juicy. This is fruity. This is hoppy and fresh. This is the super-crushable, fruit-forward craft beer of your dreams. This is our Mosaic-hopped, peach-and-mango-infused juicy banger of an IPA. This is Pango.

Verdict: This beer was so refreshing and gorgeous, I was sad I only had one small can to try! It’s also an exclusive for Flavourly’s Crowdsourced Craft Beer collection whichused survey responses from beer lovers to find out favourite their beer styles.I’m a sucker for exceptionally fruity IPAs and this particular beer had me craving summer time! It would be perfect the perfect brew for a beach day or a BBQ.

Rating: ★★★★★

Source: Untappd

Table Beer by Fourpure Brewing Co. (2.8%)
Table Beer from London, England

Description: A tart, delightful table beer that packs plenty of flavour when you just want to relax in the sun, on a boat on the river. An anytime beer that’s thirst-quenching, slightly tart and beautifully citric with a delicate spice and bitterness.

Verdict: Another exclusive for Flavourly’s Crowdsourced Craft Beer collection, this was my very first table beer and I was pleasantly surprised. Tafelbier, or table beers as us English speakers know them, are low ABV, malty, Belgian beers. They are viewed as the perfect beer to accompany a meal as they are not too heavy but still have pack plenty of flavour. This beer was so light and refreshing with a slightly citrusy flavour. I would be open to trying more table beers, particularly if I’m sampling beers with a meal.

Rating: ★★★✰✰

Whirly Brain by Fuerst Wiacek (8%)
Double IPA from Berlin, Germany

Description: Double IPA with milk sugar. Dry hopped with Galaxy, Citra & Mosaic.

Verdict: Wow, this beer certainly packs a punch and has been named appropriately! It’s an intense hazy brew with hints of citrus, caramel and a whole lot of hops; a flavour I will certainly never forget. I tried this beer in the fantastic Bar Balthasar in Bonn, Germany based on a recommendation from the owner. He told me it is a rare beer brewed by a Berlin-based gypsy brewer duo who travelled the world to learn about brewing and boy, do they know how to brew craft beer! I’ve been craving another glass of this beer ever since.

Rating: ★★★★★