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Rediscovering my Passion for Gaming

Over the last year or so I’ve felt out of touch with the gaming community. I haven’t been playing games as often as I used to, I feel guilty if I do spend time playing games and I’m just not feeling the spark anymore.

Nothing really seems to be holding my attention like it used to, and I often feel quite critical and negative of games. I’ve become far more selective with the games I do play and feel like I have other priorities in life.

This could be down to several factors:

Being Busy
Working full-time while also planning a wedding and generally being an adult really does not leave a lot of free time for hobbies. Long gone are my teenage years where I had no looming responsibilities and could play to my heart’s content.
Even when I do get the chance to play games, I often feel guilty and can’t help but think I could be spending my time more productively. This may sound ridiculous as I should be able to pursue my hobby and take a break from day-to-day chores without feeling guilt but unfortunately my brain doesn’t see it that way sometimes.

Mental Health
Unfortunately most of us will suffer from poor mental health at some point in our lives, with Mind reporting that approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. Those who do suffer know how frustrating it can be to feel demotivated and lose interest in your hobbies and passions. When you simply cannot work out why you feel this way, it can incredibly difficult to fight it and fall back in love with your hobbies again.

Feeling Overwhelmed
After many years of impulse purchases during the Steam sales, my backlog of games has been continually growing and is now in the hundreds. With such a huge backlog to tackle, it seems impossible to decide where to even start. I spend a lot of time contemplating before feeling overwhelmed and jumping back into the same games I’ve been playing for years.

I’m on a mission to reignite my passion for games. I want to feel excited about games again, whether that be shiny new triple A releases, hidden gems from indie developers or the old classics.

Gaming can often be used to escape from the stresses of everyday life and I cannot wait to get stuck into the endless immersive worlds while growing to know and love the characters once again.

I want to play an active part in the online gaming community, to feel positive about gaming events and even attend some (such as Gamescom, which I used to attend annually). I also want to rebuild relationships with friends and meet new people to play with.

Let’s be honest, video games are the most special form of media due to the endless worlds and possibilities to uncover. Gamers are some of the most creative people with excellent problem-solving skills and mental flexibility. Gaming can also build on our social skills as we make memories and let new friendships bloom online.

I know I have it in me. I’m a gamer at heart and I refuse to give up on my hobby so easily. It has become clear that I’ll need to make some changes to reignite my passion.

That is where I hope this blog will help. I want to write about games and share my experiences with like-minded gamers, in an attempt to rediscover my passion.

My Plan

  • Launch a gaming backlog series on my blog (coming soon)
  • Stream some of my gaming sessions on Twitch
  • Play more multiplayer games with friends (because playing a multiplayer game solo is not quite the same thing!)
  • Broaden my genres and choices of games
  • Experience gaming on different platforms